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The São Paulo Red Spade Pass

November 9, 2022

Two lucky winners from the UK are jetting off to São Paulo for the ultimate Red Spade Pass experience. They’re in for a hell of a ride.

What are the Red Spade Pass winners doing?

Prepare to be jealous. This is an itinerary worth posting 100’s of Instagram Stories about.

Friday, 11th November

It’s qualifying day, and that means our winners are heading to the track in style. They’ll be transported from the hotel to the racetrack by helicopter where they’ll have access to the full VIP experience in the Sky Suite overlooking the pit lane. Naturally, refreshments will be provided all day.

Upon returning to the hotel, guests will have time to freshen up and put on their best outfits before they head out to a top-class restaurant.

Saturday, 12th November

It’s second practice and sprint day at the racetrack, so of course guests will enter in style again via helicopter. They’ll have the best access to the Sky Suite and be taken for garage tours (subject to availability), pit lane walks, track tours, driver Q&A’s and more.

Sunday, 13th November

It’s race day and that means we’re taking our guests to the track to cheer on Oracle Red Bull Racing in style. They’ll be flying in via helicopter for the last time and heading to the Sky Suite to get the best view of the pit lane. They’ll be treated like the ultimate VIP while Max and Checo put in the work.

All that’s left to see now is if Oracle Red Bull Racing can bring it home.