Dianasvensk: Fashion designer to poker pro

The Swedish fashion designer Diana "dianasvensk" Svensk, 25, is one of the regulars in the Women's Sunday tournaments. Even though she's only been playing poker for a little bit over a year, she's already managed to qualify for Ladies Events live, among them EPT Barcelona. She finished 65th in the WSOP Ladies Championship this summer and qualified for the Swedish Championship a few weeks ago where she won one of the side events.

After the Swedish Championship, Diana headed to South Africa to attend the World Poker Tour events in Johannesburg, where she won the 6-Max event this week worth 300,000 Rand. At the final table, she was up against a lot of pros, among them Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets, who finished third.

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I got to meet Diana for the first time when working as Tournament Director at an event called Pokerface in Stockholm. Pokerface is a female network for entrepreneurs and CEOs for bigger companies. Only 80 handpicked women are voted in, and every second month of the year, they meet and play poker. The whole idea behind it is the similarity between poker and a conference meeting. Diana had just been voted into the network by then and was also nominated to Young Entrepreneur of the Year (which she later won).

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The young energetic girl came up to me, asking about different poker hands she played online and if she played them right. She also asked if I could take her to play live sometime. A few weeks later, I took her to the local card room in Stockholm, and a star was born.

I've been railing poker for nine years, and I know a star when I see her. She had a natural talent for poker and the whole dynamic around the table. She knew exactly how to use her image: new, blonde, tall, beautiful woman, and looking a little bit nervous. The guys gave her a lot of tips, showing her a lot of respect, and she fooled them all. In the breaks she told me about all the hands she won when she was on a bluff and how shocked they were when they finally saw one of them.

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Everything Diana does, she does 100 percent. She is dedicated and focused. When starting her company six years ago she read everything there was to read to build a successful company and did it from the ground by herself. After I took her to the card room in October last year, she started playing online and live, and started participating in a lot of the online poker schools. She installed Poker Tracker and been very analytic about the game, and she put a lot of effort in to analyze every time she played.

Spending two months in Vegas this summer, she only played poker. She went out one time, but after an hour at the nightclub, she was bored and went back to the cash game grind. Now, it seems like all of her efforts have started to pay off, and with the ambition and the skills she already has, it's probably just a matter of time until she will be a regular on the EPT circuit.

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