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There’s nothing worse than watching your tournament stack dwindle down despite the fact you haven’t played many hands.

But why is this happening? Perhaps you’re playing too tight, leaking chips while only waiting for premium hands. Perhaps you’re playing too loose, punting off your stack in pots you shouldn’t have been in in the first place.

Instead, you should try to be proactive. That’s just one of the things PokerStars School can help you with in this week’s update.


  • 4 tips for being proactive in poker tournaments
  • How to take notes effectively
  • How to crush from the small blind
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4 tips for being proactive in poker tournaments

So, what does it mean to be proactive in a poker tournament?

As Dave Roemer writes: “A proactive tournament player will find ways to accumulate chips without premium holdings.”

In this article, Roemer outlines a few ways you can start being more proactive in your own tournament play, from isolating weak players to identifying over-folders.

Find out how you can become more proactive in poker tournaments here.

How to take notes effectively

Remember the scene in Rounders when Mike McDermott picks up his live read on Teddy KGB and uses it against him to win a huge pot?

What McDermott essentially did is take a note on KGB, just like Twitch streamers like Lex Veldhuis do online every single session they play.

We covered the importance of note-taking in online poker last year in our article: Mike McD, KGB, and the Oreo cookie: Why you should always tag players and make notes.

But how can you make your note-taking more effective in-game?

That’s what Pete Clarke has covered this week.

Find out how to take notes effectively here.

How to crush from the small blind

The small blind is arguably the worst seat at the poker table. You’re forced to put money in, you’re guaranteed to be out of position post-flop, and you don’t even get to close the action pre-flop.

But as Pete Clarke writes: “With some fixes to your game, you can stop leaking chips and even turn on the offensive.”

Here are Clarke’s three tips to crush from the small blind.

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