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Home / Another Spin & Go jackpot winner wins $1 million (from $10 buy-in)

One player was celebrating a surprise windfall on PokerStars last weekend, when the $10 Spin & Go they were playing became a three way scrap for a $1 million first prize.

The player was tagil94, who got the surprise of their life when the Spin landed on the jackpot. That immediately turned a low stakes three-handed game into a life changing ten minutes.

RayMcCoy2019 and brusli82 had the same experience. But they would finish in second and third place, respectively. Their defeat, if you can call it that, was soothed by prize money of $100,000 each.

Win up to $1 million playing Spin & Go on PokerStars

Tagil94 is just the latest winner of what is the biggest Spin & Go prize on PokerStars… the third $1 million jackpot won this year.

Back in January there were two $1 million jackpots won. The first on the dot com client, with another in Southern Europe.

But what made this extra special last weekend was the buy-in. Just $10. Much less than the previous two wins, won in $100 and €100 games.

Proof you can win at the lower buy-in levels as well as at higher stakes.

To play yourself, or find out more, check out the Spin & Go homepage, which also contains the full Terms and Conditions.

For now, congratulations to tagil94, RayMcCoy2019 and brusli82. And good luck to everyone else.


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