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Recently, we told you how to bolster your brain with good, healthy foods. Today, it’s all about bolstering your brain for poker.

In this week’s update from PokerStars School:

  • Rewiring your brain for poker
  • Which type of tilter are you?
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Rewiring your brain for poker

Last year, PokerStars School’s chief professor Pete Clarke put all of the mental game coaching methods he had successfully used for years into a book called Poker Therapy. This week, he’s giving us all a taster of the techniques he recommends in the book.

“This mental game work is all about how to restructure the way your brain works so that it can survive in poker,” says Clarke. “The mental game is one of the most neglected elements of an essential poker diet.”

From breaking down the ‘Alien Word Problem’ to learning how to understand your misfires, this is essential reading for any aspiring poker player.

Read ‘Rewiring your brain for poker’ here.

Which type of tilter are you?

Don’t be like this guy the next time you suffer a bad beat

Is it possible for a poker player to become completely tilt free?

Pete Clarke doesn’t think so. “The best we as humans could do is work slowly towards a state of mind where the impact of our mental game problems is minimised,” he says.

In this article, Clarke explores some of the different ways that different players handle bad stretches. “We all tilt to some extent but understanding which of the following profiles you fit into could help you diagnose and improve your own tilt. The question is not whether we tilt. But how we do it, and how we reduce it.”

So, which type of tilter are you? Find out here.

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