Saturday, 26th November 2022 11:48
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Over the past 24 hours, we have experienced technical issues caused by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)* attacks that have resulted in temporary site outages.

We can confirm that all our customers’ accounts are safe and their personal information secure, with no signs of any cyber breach. Our teams are working to counter the issue and look after customers whose play may have been affected.

Unfortunately, such events are a constant threat to every company operating online and we are no different. These attacks mostly go unnoticed by customers because of the investment we have made in our security systems and the layers of protection we have in place to successfully repel them.

We have a great track record of keeping our platform operational, however we know how frustrating it can be to experience this kind of disruption, especially during our WCOOP and Galactic series. We’d like to apologise to everyone affected and thank them for their patience.

We are not going to let these actions prevent us from crowning 2022 WCOOP Main Event Champions and are now planning to run the Main Events on the weekend of November 5. There WILL be champions in 2022!

For our Southern European players, although we do not plan to re-run the Galactic Series Main Event, we will be running another Sunday Million for them on November 6.

We are aware that these issues will have impacted some players participating in Monthly Poker Challenges. We will therefore compensate players who were unable to complete their Challenge due to the impact of the technical issues.

Our players and their experience, safety and security on our site remain our top priority.

*What is a DDoS attack and how does it work?

During a DDoS attack, a series of bots attempt to flood a website with requests and traffic. Essentially, multiple computers storm one computer during an attack, pushing out legitimate users. It is not a hack of the site and no player data is accessed as a result.


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