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Fantastic news for lovers of fast paced, pre-flop poker – Tempest is now an option for your online Home Games.

Tempest is the perfect addition to PokerStars Home Games for one simple reason. Playing with your friends is all about having a good time.

Tempest is a short stacked all-in or fold poker game that is sure to ramp up the action. No more nitty plays. No more brain-racking post flop decisions. Just lots of intense, crazy, WTF moments.

What is Tempest?

For those who haven’t played it before, here’s what makes Tempest special:

In Tempest, along with the small and big, there’s an extra blind known as the Giant Blind. This buffs up the pot before anyone enters it, making shoves even more valuable.

And you will be shoving. Tempest is an all-in or fold poker game, meaning you only ever have those two options available. Decisions are simple. You either muck your hand or push your chips in the middle.

If a player successfully steals the blinds and no showdown is reached, the ante for the following hand is increased, making the next pot even bigger. The ante continues to increase in this way for several levels until someone wins a showdown.

Players can only buy in for a maximum of 10 Giant Blinds, and all-in bets are also capped at 10 Giant Blinds, meaning stacks are short and shovable.

Tempest is a cash game poker format that has already been available on PokerStars for a good couple of years. If you want to try it out before setting up your Home Game, click the “Tempest” tab in the PokerStars lobby. Real money games are available from $1.

Why play Tempest?

By now you’ll be getting the picture. Tempest is no frills, all action poker. You’ll witness bad beats, funny moments, and frustrate your friends with flushes on the river.

Like we said, it’s perfect for a Home Game.

Tempest is a great game to level out the playing field and including more friends and poker associates who might not usually swim with the sharks. Reducing decisions to all-in or fold makes the game simpler and more accessible.

That doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything. Whether playing a Home Game or online cash game, Tempest is a great poker variation for practicing your pre-flop shoving and calling ranges. There’s still plenty of room to improve and find an edge.

But really it’s all about the excitement…

Tempest makes for an exciting Home Game

Play Tempest Home Games

Ready to set up your Tempest Home Game? Here’s how:

To start a Home Game club:

  • Click on the ‘Home Games’ tab in the PokerStars lobby. From here, you can join a club or create your own
  • Click ‘Create Club’
  • You’ll be prompted to name your club and choose an invitational code. Once you’ve done this, PokerStars will approve the club
  • Once approved, you can invite friends, make announcements, and set up poker games

To set up Tempest Home Games:

Once your club has been created and you have invited friends, you can set up your Home Games.

  • Go to your club lobby
  • Click ‘Create’ then ‘Create Cash Game’
  • Choose your options to create your cash game. Under the ‘Game’ tab select ‘Tempest’
  • When you are ready click “Create”
  • Your Tempest cash game table will appear in your club lobby

PokerStars Home Games

Since launching the new look poker Home Games in 2020, PokerStars have continued to innovate and expand on home game offerings, whether it be with new game formats, or most recently the introduction of video streaming.

We hope that you enjoy the new Tempest Home Games. Below you can read more about PokerStars Home Games.



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