Poker Dojo

Poker Dojo is the fun, free app to help you learn to play poker and improve your game!

Choose from three exciting games: Grid Poker, Strongest Hand or All-in or Fold.

All training games include leader boards, so you can see how you rank among your fellow students.

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How to Play Poker Dojo

Grid Poker


Grid Poker

Poker Dojo’s Grid Poker game gives you two minutes to make as many five-card poker hands as you can by tracing the card tiles. The better the hand, the more points you’ll score!

For a recap of those hand rankings:

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
High card

You'll have the option to burn cards from the grid or shuffle and start again. Grid Poker is perfect for mastering the rankings and improving your ability to spot different card combinations. When time is up, you’ll be offered a bonus hand to quickly find either a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or Four of a Kind and add a bonus percentage to your total.

Strongest Hand

In Texas Hold’em, your hand is made from the best combination of your two personal cards, known as ‘hole cards’, and the five ‘community cards’ shared by every player at the table.

Strongest Hand trains you to identify the best hand relative to others, by simply selecting the pair of hole cards that would make up strongest hand.

In the example pictured, the best hand of the three pairs of hole cards would be the A5, which would mean this player has a pair of Aces in their hand (AAQ105). The player with 34 would also be holding a pair, but would lose with an inferior pair of 4’s (44AQ10). Finally, the player with 8J would only be holding a Ace-high (AQJ108).

The game consists of ten rounds, each with a time-bank of just 12 seconds. Once you’ve completed all ten rounds, you’ll play a Lightning Round; giving you 15 seconds to choose as many correct hands in a row as you can to bump up your score.

All-in or Fold

All-in or Fold

All-in or Fold is exactly how it sounds! You’ll be presented with a random hand and must choose whether it would be better to go All-in or Fold.

This is excellent training for identifying whether your hand is strong or weak and acting accordingly, and how you may be more likely to tighten up your play at certain parts of the game.

The game is over when you lose a hand, so try to keep the streak alive for as long as you can! You can fold as often as you like before the timer expires so pick your spots wisely… but when the timer expires you’ll be all-in regardless!