Information and Details for PokerStars Milestone Hands up to 100 Billion

PokerStars Road to 100 Billion Hands: 100 Billion

Players dealt into a milestone hand win a cash prize of $75 for every VIP Player Point (VPP) they earned in the last 50 hands played on that table, including the milestone hand itself. All players dealt in will also receive a base prize of $75, and any player that wins a portion of the main pot will get their prize doubled!

  • Dealt into Milestone Hand: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $75) + $75 = Cash Prize
  • Win Milestone Hand: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $75 + $75) x 2 = Cash Prize

Note: The 300 regular Milestone Hands will begin with hand number 99,700,000,000 and end with hand 99,999,000,000.

Example: You play for half an hour on a $1/$2 NLHE table. You play 53 hands in this time and are then dealt into a milestone hand. Everybody at the table goes all in, but your hand does not win the pot. We will look at the most recent 50 hands that you've played at that table and calculate the number of VPPs earned. In this instance, you earned 31 VPPs, so the prize will be: 31 * $75 + $75 = $2,400. If you had won the hand, your prize would have been doubled to $4,800.

100 Billion Mega Milestone - Million Dollar Hand!

When the massive 100 Billion Mega Milestone is reached, all players dealt in on that table will be rewarded $10,000, and the winner of the hand will receive $100,000. Players will also receive $2,000 for every VPP they have earned in the last 50 hands at the table. This is almost guaranteed to be the biggest milestone hand prize in history!

  • Dealt into Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $2,000) + $10,000 = Cash Prize
  • Win Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $2,000) + $100,000 = Cash Prize

Once the Mega Milestone prizes have been calculated, whatever is left from the $1M of prize money will be the Stake Share. An amount to be split between all the players that were dealt into the same stakes, betting structure (i.e. no limit, pot limit, fixed limit) and game at the exact time the hand is first dealt, e.g. $15/$30 Limit Hold’em.

The Stake Share money will be split proportionally based on the number of VPPs each player has earned towards a milestone hand prize, as a percentage of the total for all eligible Stake Share winners.

In the event of the $1M Mega Milestone hand being a split pot (either from a tied hand or from a split pot game) all players that took a portion of the main pot will share equally the $100,000 winner’s prize.

Example: You play 41 hands and earn 55 VPPs when the Mega Milestone hand hits on your table. You win the Mega Milestone hand and earn a further 5 VPPs in the process for a total of 60 VPPs. You will receive (60 x $2,000) + $100,000 = $220,000 as your prize.

There are five other players at the table who each win $10,000 and a total of $320,000 for the VPPs they have earned. The total prize money awarded at the Mega Milestone table is therefore $590,000, leaving $410,000 for the Stake Share.

The total amount of VPPs earned towards milestone hands at $1/$2 NLHE comes to 205,000, meaning each VPP earned is worth $2. Your 60 VPPs are therefore worth an additional $120 of Stake Share. 

All other players dealt into $1/$2 NLHE tables at the time the mega milestone hand is dealt will receive $2 per VPP earned during the last 49 hands at that table.   Players who are seated at multiple Stake Share eligible tables will receive their share based on eligible VPPs earned at all eligible tables.

Note: In the event that the prize money for players dealt into the Mega Milestone hand exceeds $900,000, the Stake Share will be a fixed amount of $100,000.

If you have any questions regarding the prize calculations for Milestone Hands, please contact

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