UK license information and FAQ

Questions and answers about the migration to PokerStars UK

We are pleased to inform you that we have a new version of the PokerStars software, to reflect the fact that we are now fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling commission. All players who are resident in the UK or British territories will need to upgrade to the new software, which offers you the opportunity to play with the same players in the same games that you enjoyed on the old software.

Upgrading your account is straightforward and if you have any questions you should find the answer below:

When is the move to the PokerStars UK platform? How do I move my account? Can I create a new account without having to move my old one? Can I move my account on my mobile? Same games – same opponents? How will it work? What changes will I experience? Will my VIP Club rewards be affected? Are there any tax implications that will affect me as a player? Is there anything that could prevent me from completing the move to PokerStars UK? I was registered for a Live event but now I am not, what happened? Do I have to move to PokerStars UK? What if I am in the middle of a tournament when the move is scheduled to take place? How long will it take to move to PokerStars UK? Can I keep playing with my friends from other countries? Can I play if I am visiting another country? Will player transfers be available? I have an account on PokerStars.FR, can I continue to play on there? I have an account on, can I upgrade to PokerStars UK? Why can’t I find any games in the Mobile app? What if I experience any difficulties?

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

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How to Play Poker

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