How to Play

Click through these six screens to learn how to play.


Power Up combines Hold'em with game changing powers


Click a power to activate it


Powers consume your energy balance


Only board cards dealt in the betting round are valid targets


Going all-in protects the board cards from further powers


Energy and powers are replenished between hands

Power Up 1
Power Up 2
Power Up 3
Power Up 4
Power Up 5
Power Up 6

Transform any hand with the right power at the right time

There are nine powers available in the game today which you can review below.


PokerStars Power Up Game Rules

Power Up is played similarly to a standard Hold’em poker Sit & Go tournament. All players are dealt two cards each and start with the same amount of poker chips. As in Hold’em, the dealer position moves round the table after each deal, clockwise. On the first hand, the dealer button will be assigned randomly. Standard poker hand rankings apply.


  • In addition to poker cards and chips, players are also dealt powers.
  • Powers will remain in your hand until they are used.
  • Powers are activated by playing a power during a player’s turn to act, before they perform a poker action (e.g. check, call, raise).
  • Powers may not be played outside of the player’s turn to act.
  • When a player holds fewer than the maximum number of powers, another power (but only one) will be dealt to them at the start of the next hand.
  • Multiple powers can be played at the same time, one after the other.
  • Players will never be dealt duplicate powers (although the Clone power can be used to generate a duplicate).


  • Activating powers costs energy – the yellow number on the left of the player’s avatar. Each power has a different energy cost, as shown on the power.
  • All players start with the same amount of energy.
  • Energy replenishes a little after each hand, up to the maximum. 
  • When a player is out of energy, powers cannot be played (as indicated when the powers are grayed out).

Special rule: All-in

  • When a player goes all-in for their entire stack, any existing board cards are locked and may not be targeted or affected by powers.