Transform any hand with the right power at the right time

There are nine powers available in the game today. Here's what they do...


  • Allows a player to expose one hole card from each opponent.
  • If one of the player’s hole cards has already been revealed then the power will have no effect; an opponent’s complete hand can never be exposed against their will.

  • Deals a third hole card to the player, who then picks one of his three hole cards to discard.
  • Opponents will know if a card they saw previously in the player’s hand has been discarded.

  • Shows the player the next two poker cards on top of the deck - they then choose whether to keep or discard them. Opponents know whether the player kept or discarded them, but not what they were.
  • Lets the player know what the next two cards are (if they are kept), but doesn’t determine what happens to them.
  • Unlike Intel, this power does not persist after the two cards are dealt.

  • Allows the player to choose one or both hole cards to discard - they get new ones from the top of the deck.
  • Note that depending on the powers played earlier in the hand, the player and/or opponents may already know which poker card(s) are on the top of the deck.

  • Allows the player to see the next poker card off the deck for the remainder of the hand.
  • This power persists through any number of powers. No matter where or when the card is dealt, the player sees the next poker card in off the deck. When that is dealt, they see the next card, and so on.

  • All players see the next three poker cards off the deck. The person who played Engineer then picks a card to become the next card off the deck. The other two poker cards are discarded.
  • The poker card remains visible to all players after it’s selected, until it’s dealt, changed or the hand is over.
  • Only the next card is shown. Once it’s dealt, the effect is over.
  • The poker card will not necessarily be dealt to the board (or at all). If another Engineer, Reload or Upgrade are played after Engineer, the card could wind up in a player’s hand or be discarded.

  • Prevents any other powers from being played on the current street.
  • Only works on the street it’s played. E.g. if played on the flop, other powers can be played on the turn or river.
  • Has no effect on powers already played. E.g. a card that was Disintegrated before EMP was played is still gone afterwards.

  • Removes a board card dealt during the current street.
  • Can be played only twice per hand. This can be at any point in the hand (two cards can be removed on the flop, for example) but players must still be able to make a five-card poker hand at showdown.
  • If played on the flop, the player can choose which card is removed. If played on the turn or river, only the card dealt on that street can be removed.

  • Gives the player a copy of the previous power played in the current hand (if no power has been played yet, Clone cannot be activated).
  • If two or more powers have been played in the current hand, Clone will always copy the most recent one.
  • Can be used to get multiple copies of a power (e.g. a player can hold two Disintegrates even though multiple copies would not be dealt normally).
  • New powers created by Clone cost energy to play and act as that power in all other respects.