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Becoming a member of Team PokerStars

Members of Team PokerStars are selected based on their performance in high-profile live events around the world.

They're all full-time professional poker players, consistently achieving big results in the PokerStars Live Events and on the PokerStars Online Tournaments.

However, Team PokerStars players were once beginners too! They practiced online at our site (and continue to do so) until they mastered the game to an elite level, before successfully transferring their skills to the live circuit, where they got noticed and invited to join Team PokerStars.

So, this is the recipe for success: practice the same way, build up your poker skills and try to qualify for major live tournaments. Who knows... you might win a major event and be invited to join Team PokerStars!

Visit our Team PokerStars web page to check out how our Pros' made it to the top.


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