American Football


Bets will be settled on the results and statistics provided by the relevant governing body.

If less than ten minutes of official time is played in the fourth quarter, then all bets will be void unless the outcome has been unconditionally determined.

Overtime counts for all markets unless otherwise stated.

For settlement purposes, the team listed second in the event name is always considered the home team. For example, Team A-Team B, Team B is the home team.

Abandonments, Cancellations and Postponements

Bets on abandoned or postponed matches are void unless played within the same scheduling week. In the event of a change of venue, all bets will be void.

Non-Runners, Withdrawals and Disqualifications

For player prop markets, the player(s) in question must compete in at least one down for bets to stand.

Where a bet is placed on a number of players to achieve a given outcome in a particular event, your bet will be void if any of the selected players do not take part in such event.

Outright Markets

All Outright markets include playoffs where applicable.

Quarter and Half Markets

For bets based on the specific quarters or halves, the entire period of play must be played for bets to stand unless the result is already unconditionally determined. Overtime is not included.

Double Result (Half time/Full time)

Bets are settled on the score at half time and full time (excluding any overtime).

Handicap Betting

If a Handicap Draw selection (3-Way Handicap market) is offered, only bets placed on the draw will be settled as winners if the result lands on the whole number selected.

Total Points Markets

In the event of the total points being exactly the nominated line, bets are void unless odds for the exact amount are offered.

First Offensive Play Yard Line

The result is determined by where the first offensive play from scrimmage takes place.

In the event of the kick-off being returned for a touchdown, bets will stand for the following kick-off.

In the event of a turnover, the result is determined on where the first offensive play takes place with respect to the receiving team's yard line.

First Penalty

Bets will be settled on the first accepted penalty in the match.

First Turnover and First Team to Commit a Turnover

For results purposes, only an interception or a fumble counts.

A punt or 'turnover on downs' does not qualify as a turnover for settlement purposes.

In the event of an abandoned match, bets will be void unless a turnover has already taken place.

First Offensive Play

If a false start penalty takes place on the first offensive play, bets will stand for the next offensive play that takes place without a false start penalty.

First Team, Last Team to Score and First, Last, Anytime Touchdown Scorer

If a match is abandoned, bets will stand on scores that have taken place already (and overtime counts for these markets).

Touchdown scorers are offered with the option of others on request.

For Touchdown Scorer markets, the winning selection is the player who possesses the ball in the endzone. For example, on a pass touchdown play, the receiver in the endzone will be settled as the winner, not the quarterback.

Odd and Even Markets

In the event a result of zero is arrived at, that shall be considered an even number for settlement purposes.

Regular Season Markets

The team must complete all originally scheduled regular season matches for bets to stand.


The Sportsbook General Rules will apply for any category of bets or markets not referred to in these Specific Sports Rules.