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Best of British Themed Slots

January 3, 2022

The histories and legends of Britain have been making their way into the world of online slots for years. Let’s take a look at some of the best British-themed slots online today.

The Royal Family: Royal Reels in Action

The Royal Family slot game invites players to experience the elegance and sophistication of monarchial life in everything from its stately soundtrack to its grand castle entrance – not to mention its queen and king characters. The bonus features are fit for royalty as well, with a bonus game that comes into play when players land three or more free spin trophy symbols on the reels.

Once activated, players can receive up to 24 free games. There’s also a prize feature which dishes out treats like extra wilds, free spins, multipliers up to 4x, and removing low-paying symbols. Lastly, gold-crusted royal chests on the fifth reel mean more prize opportunities during the base game.

Ghostly Gameplay in the Victorian Mysterious 

Anyone that knows anything about the history of the UK knows that the Victorian era was one of the most formative periods in Britain, producing many of the revolutionary technological and societal developments that still hold influence over the world today. Another hallmark of this time was the telling of ghost tales, as these spooky stories proliferated 19th century fiction and society.

The aptly named slot game, Mysterious, gives players a sneak peek into this period, with a haunted look and feel that features a bleak grey sky, mystic castle, ominous soundtrack and set of chilling animal faces. Aside from its vivid graphics, this game comes with three random spin features based on the slot’s main characters, Lord, Lady and Baron, as well as two free spins rounds: the locking multiplier free spins and the resurrecting roaming wilds free spins. There’s no shortage of features in this thrilling slot.

Mysterious™ is set in Victorian era England where detailed stories of ghosts dominated society

Mysterious is set in Victorian era England where detailed stories of ghosts dominated society 

Medieval British History Uncovered with Excalibur

More nods to British myths and tales are revealed in Excalibur, the game named for the legendary sword pulled from the stone by King Arthur. The five-reel, 20-payline setup in this game features the classic Arthurian characters Merlin, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, Lady of the Lake, and of course the king himself.

The Excalibur symbol is as powerful as the weapon itself, with five Excalibur symbols paying out 1,000x the player’s stake. Free spins are available even in the medieval times, with three or more chalice symbols triggering a bonus round in the main game. There are also opportunities to increase these rewards with more chalices. If you’re in the mood to join a famous British king in intense reel action, this is the title for you.

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