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How to Play Double Ball Roulette

February 5, 2024

Most fans of casino games will be familiar with the original American and European versions of roulette, but some may not be aware that there are now a whole host of variations at online casinos.

One of these is Double Ball Roulette, which throws an additional ball into the mix to provide a very different gaming experience.

Below is a guide as to how to go about approaching this new and intriguing take on one of the oldest casino table games in the world.

A Live Dealer Game

Double Ball Roulette is predominantly a Live Casino game, played with a live dealer who takes control of the wheel and both the game’s balls.

It is interesting to see how the live dealer sets two balls spinning round the wheel, so that they do not bump into each other. This is done using an air-pressure launch device that shoots the balls round the wheel in the same manner every spin, eliminating the possibility of dealer error spoiling a spin.

An additional ball gives roulette players some different outcomes to consider and enjoy

European Wheel Version

The Double Ball Roulette version described here is played on a European roulette wheel rather than an American one. This means that there is only one green zero. Aside from two balls being released onto the wheel, the way it spins is exactly the same as players would see at any other roulette game.

Inside and Outside Bets

The main way in which the second ball affects gameplay is that in order for outside bets to be victorious, both balls must land in the correct pocket. Payouts will be more generous when this happens. Meanwhile for inside bets, only one ball needs to be successful. If a player is fortunate enough to have both balls be successful on an inside bet, then they double their win.

Called Bets

Another feature for players to consider on Double Ball Roulette is that of called bets, which appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in the form of a racetrack. These give players a further range of bets to place. Payouts for called bets are the same as for inside bets.

Two Balls Change the Odds

Because there are two balls flying around the wheel of a Double Ball Roulette table, the odds for inside bets are generally halved. This is because a player has double the chance of making a successful bet.

Conversely, outside bets (or “gold bets” as they are known in Double Ball Roulette) are twice as hard to win, as both balls need to land in the right pocket for a bet to succeed. However, payouts for outside bets are greater than the ones normally found at a roulette table.

Double Ball Jackpot

Another unique feature of Double Ball Roulette is the Double Ball Jackpot: if both balls land on the same number, the player stands to win at odds of 1,300/1.