Saturday, 4th February 2023 15:23
Home / ‘TopEliten’ wins $1 million playing $5 Spin & Go Flash

There was some excitement earlier today on PokerStars. Some seven-figure-sized excitement, to be more precise.

To be even more specific, a player playing a $5 Spin & Go Flash game hit the jackpot in a big way, winning a cool $1 million for just a few minutes of effort.

“TopEliten” of Denmark won the big prize after coming out on top in a three-handed Spin & Go Flash game.

Meanwhile “easycall80” of Estonia and “Chagash” of Russia have to be pretty happy as well for having each taken away $100,000 as consolation prizes.

PokerStars Team Online member Mikhail “innerpsy” Shalamov was streaming at the time, and thus was able to catch the final hands and TopEliten’s big win. Take a look:

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