$1M in boosted daily free tickets until March 3

You know the score with Power Path. If you’re at Blue or Bronze Chest level, we’ll give you a free ticket every day that you rake at least $0.01 playing poker. If you haven’t already, head to your Challenges Window and opt-in just once to get started.

But, for a limited time, you could unlock much more than a daily $0.50 Step 1 ticket for your time at the tables.

That’s because we’re boosting our Power Path Daily Offer between February 5-March 3 by adding $1M in additional tickets.

There are over 50,000 additional tickets up for grabs, which we’ll be distributing at random to Daily Offer Chests.

That’s 50,000 surprises, ranging from $5 Spin & Go tickets all the way up to $530 MTT tickets.

Remember, Daily Offer Chests expire 24 hours after we credit them, so, be sure to open yours every day you play at PokerStars. You’ve got 28 days to use your ticket from when you open your Chest.

So, what will you find inside your Daily Offer Chest?

Find a $0.50 Step 1 ticket to start your Power Path or enjoy higher value tickets for the same game play until March 3.

Power Path Boosted Daily Offer Terms & Conditions

What is being offered

PokerStars Rewards members with Blue or Bronze Chest level can claim tournament tickets, in the form of Step 1 Power Path tickets worth $0.50 or higher value Power Path, Spin & Go or Multi-table tournament (MTT) tickets, for completing daily challenges during the promotional period, as specified below.

When is the offer being conducted

This offer runs from 00:00 ET on February 5, 2024 to 23:59 ET on March 3, 2024. Each calendar day starts at 00:00 ET and ends at 23:59 ET.

Who is eligible to take part and how can you qualify

The offer is only available to PokerStars Rewards members that reach no higher than Bronze Chest level. It is strictly limited to one per person/household/IP address per day.

Players need to opt-in via the Challenges Window to participate in the offer and then complete a daily challenge to qualify for a reward that day. Only one initial opt-in is required for the duration of the offer. Daily challenges can be completed by playing any real money poker game.

Wagering requirements and limitations by type of game

Rake any amount from any poker tournament or cash game in one calendar day to complete a daily challenge. No minimum buy-in or stake applies. For poker tournaments only cash buy-in entries will count towards completing the challenges. Tournament entries using tickets (including any tournament tickets awarded as part of this offer), T-Money or through satellite qualification will not count.

Claiming and redeeming the offer

There is a fixed number of tournament tickets available as part of this offer, worth $1,000,000 in total. Upon completion of each daily challenge, players will receive a random tournament ticket, which can be a Step 1 Power Path ticket worth $0.50 or a higher value tournament ticket as per probability table below.

Ticket Type Ticket Volume Total Ticket Value Win Probability
$530 MTT 50 $26,500 0.0055%*
$215 MTT 200 $43,000 0.0180%*
$109 MTT 2,200 $239,800 0.1800%*
$100 Spin & Go 200 $20,000 0.0200%*
$55 MTT 2,500 $137,500 0.1850%*
$50 Spin & Go 1,500 $75,000 0.1300%*
$25 Spin & Go 5,000 $125,000 0.4000%*
$11 MTT / Power Path Step 3 10,000 $110,000 0.7500%*
$10 Spin & Go 12,500 $125,000 1.0000%*
$5 Spin & Go 20,000 $100,000 1.5000%*
$0.50 Power Path Step 1 Unlimited Unlimited 95.8115%
Totals 54,150 (additional tickets) $1,001,800 100.000%*

*For each higher value ticket type, there are a limited number of tickets available to be won. Once all the tickets of a specific type have been awarded, the probability will remain as stated in the above table until the end of the promotion period, but a $0.50 Step 1 Power Path ticket will be awarded instead of a higher value ticket type.

In case any available tickets have not been awarded by the end of the offer period, those remaining tickets will be awarded randomly amongst participating players within 24 hours of the offer ending.

All tickets awarded as part of this offer will be credited inside a Chest. Players will need to open their Chest to claim the reward. Unopened Chests will expire 24 hours after being credited.

Tickets can only be used to register and play tournaments with buy-ins corresponding to the value of the ticket.

Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, T-Money or other tickets. 

All tickets expire 28 days after being credited. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated. 

What else do you need to know

Players can check any tournament tickets they have, alongside information on expiry dates and more by going to ‘My Rewards’ menu and selecting ‘Tournament Tickets’.

See here for more information about Spin & Go tournaments.

See here for more information about Multi-table tournaments.

See here for more information about PokerStars Rewards.

See here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.