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How Quantum Roulette Multipliers Work

October 18, 2023

Quantum Roulette has been a welcome addition to our Live Casino ever since its introduction.

There are some innovative features involved in the game that players should be aware of, and we are here to make everything crystal clear.

Here are how multipliers work at our Quantum Roulette tables.

Straight Up Positions Are Where It Is At

To qualify for a multiplier on a Quantum Roulette table a player must make what is known as a Straight Up bet.

This is the simplest bet to make at any Roulette table and involves placing a bet on one solitary number.

How Big are the Multipliers?

There are many varieties of multiplier, ranging from 50x all the way to 500x.

The Quantum Boost Sends Multipliers into Overdrive!

Another feature that further amplifies the effects of multipliers is what is known as the Quantum Boost.

Boosts happen sporadically during a Quantum Roulette session and can increase the multipliers even further than x500.

This is ultimately what makes Quantum Roulette so entertaining: the Quantum Boost might hit at any time.