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How Self-Driving Cars Will Benefit Casinos

January 3, 2024

There’s a chance you may be wondering how driverless cars could possibly be linked to casinos.

Well, these autonomous vehicles present some exciting possibilities for the industry in terms of improving the quality of a guest’s experience, particularly if said guest is slightly advanced in age.


It’s no secret that seniors enjoy the thrill of playing entertaining games under the bright lights of a casino floor, especially after retirement leaves them with free time to burn.

Yet when these patrons reach a certain age, it can be difficult for them to drive even a short way to get their game on. With driverless cars, all guests, no matter their seniority, will be able to reach their local casino conveniently and safely.


Similarly, there are lots of casino complexes that sprawl across huge spreads of land, meaning walking to and from gaming halls can be draining. Self-driving vehicles could take the leg work out of such transfers, with the casino not even having to pay a driver.

More remote casinos could even put on a fleet of driverless shuttle vehicles, which continually pick guests up from a main urban hub and then whisk them off to the casino for the weekend, and all without a driver in sight!

No driving

Of course, another option is simply playing virtual slots or interacting with a dealer online, which requires no driving whatsoever. Although, not having to actually drive a car while undertaking journeys would leave passengers free to play more casino games than ever before, whether they are just heading to the shops or making their way to a land-based casino to game in person.