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What is Age of Gods Bonus Roulette?

October 26, 2021

Age of Gods Bonus Roulette is a unique Live Roulette variant in our Live Casino studio. Set up in the same way as regular American Roulette, it has one major difference: the double zero is now the ‘Bonus’ pocket. Sounds promising, right?

The game kicks off with each player being given the opportunity to place two bets, one optional and the other mandatory. The first of these can be any Roulette bet that the player wishes to make, with the latter wager representing the Bonus Bet. If the ball lands in the Bonus pocket, players are automatically sent to the RNG Bonus Round.

Here, players have three chances to spin a three-reel slot machine, aiming for a winning combination consisting of three matching symbols. Different multiplier values are assigned to each set of symbols, and when a player strikes a winning row, these values are applied to the initial bet made on the Bonus pocket.

Just like in other Live Casino titles, a live dealer takes bets and coordinates gameplay. In Age of Gods Bonus Roulette, players also have access to BetBuilder, Auto-Play and Lucky Dip. The first can be used to plan out bets on a grid in order to save time by creating patterns. Auto-Play ensures players never miss a normal round or Bonus Round. Lucky Dip is used to select 7 random values to bet on, with each of them placed as straight-up numbers that do not include the Bonus Bet.

In conclusion, players will enjoy both the Live studio design and gameplay in Age of Gods, as it presents a special Roulette variant all while keeping the true essence of the classic casino game.