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What is “Cone” Roulette & When Will it Go Online?

October 22, 2021

A rare Roulette variant by the name of Cone Roulette is taking the Las Vegas strip by storm. Its table sections and numbers are almost the same as those found on regular roulette tables, but the wheel is altogether different.

This is because housed within the main wheel there is a smaller second wheel, which spins on an independent cylinder. This inner wheel is called the “Cone”, and displays sections coloured in silver and gold.

To place bets on the Cone, players use a racetrack section on the table, placing wagers on numbers with the aim of the numbers they have chosen aligning with a silver or gold section. If the former occurs, then a player receives 100x their original stake; in the latter instance, they’ll take home 300x.

The game was the brainchild of game designer and inventor Richar Fitoussi and is currently only available at the El Cortez land-based casino. However, with the game now gaining wider recognition, it seems only a matter of time before it appears in online live casino lobbies as well.