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A Beginner’s Guide to Roulette

February 18, 2024

Roulette is one of the most iconic games in the world. One of the reasons why roulette is so popular is that a range of different bets can be placed. An enjoyable social game, both in person and online, roulette is terrific fun. If you want to get involved in the action, read on to find out more about the rules, the different bets you can place and much more.

The Rules of the Game

At its heart, roulette is a simple game. Involving a wheel containing 37 (38 for American roulette games) evenly spaced numbered segments – a croupier will spin a white ball into the wheel, and depending on where it lands, a range of different bets can be placed. 

What are the Different Bets that can be Placed?

Betting on red or black is arguably the most famous of all casino bets. A 50/50 bet, a player will double their stake if the colour they have predicted ends up landing. 

Another 50:50 bet that can be placed is betting on number ranges. Players can choose whether a ball may land on a number between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36. This bet is also known as higher and lower. If the ball correctly lands where predicted, the bettor will double their stake. The final 50:50 bet on a roulette wheel is betting whether the number is going to be odd or even.

There are some bets that return odds of 2:1. Firstly, a player can bet on which third of the wheel the ball will land in. The 36 numbers on the wheel are split into ranges of 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. A bet can be placed to predict which third will be hit. The other bet type is betting on which line the ball will land in. The numbers on the roulette betting board are placed into three columns. You can bet on which column you think the number may fall in. If you guess correctly, you will be paid at 2:1.

Betting on Numbers 

One of the most fun ways to play is by betting on specific numbers. Each number is valued the same and carries odds of 35:1.There are no rules to the number of numbers that you can bet on or how much you wish to bet, but the only way the bet will count is if your chosen number is landed on.

Soke players often bet on a split of numbers. This would mean that you would place your chip on the line between two numbers, for example, the line between 8/9. A split bet covers more possibilities, and if the ball lands on either number, you will be a winner. These bets pay at 17:1 odds.

A corner bet is where you place a bet on the corner where four numbers meet. For example, it could be where 8,9,11,12 meet. This would mean that if any of these numbers were to hit, your bet would be a winner. These bets pay out at 8:1.

How do you Place Bets? 

Before each spin and through the early parts of the spin, the croupier will invite you to place your bets. To do this, you need to place your chips on the relevant section of the roulette board. If you want to bet on red, you would need to place chips on the red tile. If you wanted to bet on some numbers, you would need to allocate chips to each desired number. 

Once the chips are placed where you want them, the croupier will call for last bets. Once happy, your bets will be placed, and the ball will decide your fate!