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Gifts to Buy a Casino Lover

December 19, 2022

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for a casino lover? Stay away from the packed stores and inside from the cold. We’ve narrowed down 7 of the best things to buy without even leaving the house.  

When it comes to giving presents to the casino players in your life, there are some presents that are guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit, no matter their skill level.  

Home Roulette Kit 

Game nights are no fun when your cards are old and battered and you’ve got matchsticks for chips. So, for the roulette afficionados, surprise them with a home roulette kit that has everything they need to spin and enjoy.  

Blackjack Strategy Book

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned blackjack player, it’s always good to brush up on your strategy. Give the gift of knowledge this year and help improve their Blackjack skills. Some great authors include Blackjack research pioneer Edward O. Thorp and Blackjack Hall of Fame alumni Arnold Snyder.

Personalised Cards

Every household should have a deck of cards, and these personalised ones make the perfect present. Add one of your favourite snaps to the back of the card to bring you good luck in your games.

Neon Sign 

Bring a little bit of Las Vegas into your home and create the perfect Instagram-worthy spot with your very own neon sign. Whether you go for something classic like a pack of cards, or a personalised sign with your name on – this is the perfect gift to make your gaming room or corner your new favourite place to be.

Personalised Dice

You can never go wrong with personalised present that feels truly meaningful. You can customise these six-sided dice, choosing everything from colours to text, logos, graphics and more. Your casino lover will be more than happy to trade in their traditional dice for a set of snazzy new ones that match their personality.  

A Trip to Vegas 

Looking to splash the cash and book a once in a lifetime trip? You can’t get any better than a holiday to explore the sights, sounds and casinos in Las Vegas. Work your way along the strip and don’t forget to sample some of the out-of-this-world food that’s on offer!  

A New Pair of Lucky Pants 

Most of us have a pair of lucky pants that we like to wear for important life events and games. If your partners are looking a little worse for wear, you could look at replenishing them. Who knows, maybe your new set will become the lucky briefs!  

Did we manage to spark some inspiration and save you the headache of Christmas shopping? Let us know if you buy any of these for the Casino lover in your life over on our official social channels.