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Showcasing Artificial Intelligence: Top Apps Using AI

March 31, 2024

We’ve come a long way in the world of technology, with some of the biggest changes occurring in just the last decade. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proved itself to be one of the fastest-growing and most innovative new forms of technology, permanently altering the way in which we interact with each other and the technology that we use. 

AI-powered apps are works of art that have been created and improved by using AI technology. This technology not only enhances the delivery of the product but also tailors the experience of each individual user. In this article, we cover the top 10 applications that make use of this groundbreaking technology, as well as other sectors that have started to benefit from artificial intelligence. 

Google Assistant

Google is a major global brand that has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and it pays special attention to AI innovation. Known for being a leading technology and software provider, Google owns one of the best AI apps out there. 

Google Assistant stands out as a leading app due to the fact that it is featured on so many devices worldwide. This virtual assistant makes use of natural language processing (NLP) to understand and provide information following any question proposed by the user. Whether you need an alarm set, a phone call made, or a device turned off, using Google Assistant, you can do just that. 


When you look at the entertainment industry, there are two major categories. The online casino industry receives an impressive amount of usage that even a revolutionary giant such as Netflix can’t compete with. But when it comes to streaming your favourite TV series and movies, there’s no denying the sophistication and ease of use when visiting Netflix. 

Netflix offers personalised recommendations based on your history, ratings and preferences, all of which are gathered using AI. These algorithms are used to offer content that will keep you interested and a loyal customer. 


Spotify has pioneered the music industry for years now, and most of it is thanks to AI. Similarly to Netflix, this app uses the listener’s habits to create tailored playlists that will both play music you know and music you will enjoy. 

The “Discover Weekly” section is exactly what music lovers are after when searching for the next biggest music hit. 


Google can’t lead everything, and Waze proves that! This navigation app is more than just your average GPS. It uses AI to optimise real-time traffic reports, getting you from point A to B without fault. 

Crowd-sourcing data is the way that this app offers users a product they can trust. Waze is continuously scanning for traffic jams, accidents, and road works to calculate a fast and stress-free route. 


Grammarly is known for being the tool of choice for writers around the globe. This tool helps correct your mistakes and is also a teaching aid. Not only will it highlight the faults in your written piece, but it will also explain to you why it is incorrect, as well as congratulate you when you avoid the same mistakes in the future. 

Users can select the tone they want the piece to be, and Grammarly will respond with a score of clarity, coherence and writing quality. The AI used for this application learns from the user’s interactions and will adjust according to your writing style. 


Prisma is a fun yet highly professional photo editing app. Depending on the filters you choose, this application will alter your photos to look like your favourite famous artworks. This truly displays how AI can be used to create visual pieces of art, allowing an everyday photo to become a masterpiece within seconds. 

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has managed to integrate AI in a way that all your favourite business tools can now be connected, recognise your writing style and adjust accordingly. Applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint all make use of AI to offer you design packs and advice based on your typing history. 

This helps users produce more polished and effective writing pieces that will help the reader and writer save time and money in the long run. 


Duolingo has changed the way we learn languages nowadays. Users have access to tailored training programmes. This app uses your mistakes and preferences when learning to adapt the lesson plans you are given, offering each user a unique experience that will achieve great results should you keep your streak going long enough!

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop has long since been in the game, but combined with AI, this tool is an efficient time-saver. The app uses AI to recognise elements in your photographs according to settings that can be chosen. Landscapes will look dreamier, and portraits will look crisper. Using this technology, users can create stunning images effortlessly. 

Sectors Starting To Use AI Technology 

The digital world in which we live is a vast and expansive jungle that can take some digging to navigate. These above-mentioned apps have all managed to harness the power of AI and use it as a tool to offer tailored experiences to their users, improving our usage of technology on a day-to-day basis. Now, let’s take a look at some other areas where AI has begun to flourish. 


Machine learning algorithms are made to analyse data. Therefore, the marriage between AI and the medical sector seemed to be an obvious one. This technology can analyse a patient’s records, medical papers and treatment plans to help provide healthcare professionals with evidence to support their diagnoses. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI’s involvement in the medical sector, with numerous other groundbreaking discoveries just waiting to be generated by computers.


Algorithmic trading is the future of the financial sector. This aid allows finance institutions to have access to stats and trades within seconds, forever changing the way in which we make investment decisions. 

AI bots also offer customers in the banking industry a more seamless online experience. Questions are answered instantly, and fraud is detected immediately, thanks to the use of AI. The technology is constantly scanning for fraudulent activity, helping customers stay more secure. 


AI has forever changed the way that future generations go about learning. The technology can be used to tailor lesson plans based on a child’s preferences, weaknesses and performance. 

Individual students can receive tailored tutoring based on results, aided by chatbots and virtual tutors. The use of NLP offers unique support that one teacher can sometimes struggle to provide to a class of 30 children. 

AI can also be used to make the teaching experience a more enjoyable one. Teachers can focus more on the teaching side of things and leave the marking and grading up to the computers. Online tests don’t require manpower at the weekends, making teachers around the world a lot happier. 


Transportation is transforming thanks to AI technology. There are vehicles that use AI to guide and detect cars, allowing the driving experience to be a more relaxing and safer one. 

This technological innovation still has a long way to go, but there are vehicles out there, such as the Tesla, which have managed to harness the power of AI to combine GPS tracking and traffic reports with the act of driving itself. The overall task of driving somewhere is going to change drastically in coming years should developers manage to harness the full potential of this technology in the transportation field. 


AI needs its own form of security, but that’s a whole topic in itself. In the meantime, we can talk about how AI manages to make other sectors more secure. The digital world we know is ever-growing and ever-changing, which can sometimes do more harm than good. The landscape is growing so fast that it can be difficult to monitor for safety and security purposes. 

Thanks to AI technology, any anomalies are instantly detected and flagged, squashing any threats and empowering organisations with the safety of their data. Biometric systems and behavioural analysis allow software to detect when something isn’t right, triggering a proactive response which requires authentication from the user. Not only does this provide a valuable firewall against hackers and bots, it provides users and providers with peace of mind that their data is protected. 


The adoption of AI is what makes so many of your favourite apps worthy of your time and money. This technology has forever changed the way we view our world as well as how we navigate our way through it. It can make things easier, safer, more creative and far more efficient than ever before. The possibilities truly are endless in a world where computers are constantly analysing with the main goal of improving the user’s experience. AI has enhanced our lives in a sustainable and enjoyable way, proving itself to be one of the most groundbreaking pieces of virtual technology.