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The 5 Biggest Esports Events To Not Miss in 2024

February 27, 2024

Over the years, online gaming has experienced a great revolution, with the new e-games to bet on coming up now and then. The legalisation of online gaming across Europe and other parts of the world has contributed massively to the uptake of this form of sport. 

From being able to play and bet from the comfort of your home, high prize funds, and the thrill of playing against some of the world’s best players, the esports industry promises exciting moments in 2024. This article explores the five biggest esports events to not miss in 2024. 

1. League of Legends World Championship 2024

The League of Legends World Championship from Riot Games is a top-class event that excites esports enthusiasts all over the world. The 2024 tournament, which is scheduled to happen between September 25 and November 2 in Paris, Berlin, and London, will bring together top League of Legends teams from across the globe. 

The excitement surrounding the League of Legends World Championship 2024 positions it as a must-watch for fans. There is already huge anticipation for an electrifying atmosphere and top games as teams will face each other to contest for the Summoner’s Cup. 

2. Fortnite Events 2024

Fortnite, by Epic Games, has been the talk of the esports industry since its World Cup in 2019, which left the world in awe after gathering top players for an amazing extravaganza. 

While the 2024 Fortnite events won’t feature another World Cup, Fortnite has set up events and tournaments that are expected to gain a lot of attraction from world-class esports players. These events will feature the Fortnite community, whereby players will engage in battle royales in pursuit of substantial money prizes and glory. 

3. The International (Dota 2) 2024

Powered by Valve Corporation, the International (TI) is a top Dota 2 esport. Its 2024 edition will happen later this year, from August to September. The TI is renowned for its active community, currently funded by Compendium, and substantial prize pools. 

However, despite the high anticipation from gamers and esports bettors, the prize pool remains unannounced and will depend heavily on Compendium’s 2024 sales. Regardless, the International 2024 will feature the best Dota 2 teams in the world and will not only be a mere event but also a celebration of the game’s competitive spirit. 

4. Call of Duty League Championship 2024

Call of Duty League, abbreviated as CDL, aims to have one of the best championships in 2024. The game, powered by Activision, has taken centre stage in esports gaming for several years. The 2024 CDL events will have players immersed in a battle for supremacy in this popular shooting game. 

Top of the pinnacle for the Call of Duty tournaments will be the Championship event, which will attract highly skilled players, thus promising a thrilling gaming and betting experience. The championship will be held in July, but exact dates are yet to be announced. 

5. Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)

Previously known as Majors in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), CS2 is a top-class esports event. The 2024 CS2, funded by Valve, will feature top esports teams that will come together to tussle for prestige and substantial prize funds. 

The CS2’s predecessor, CS: GO, has been a centre-stage esports event and CS2 2024 aims to fill the shoes. The event will thus entail intense games geared towards giving both players and bettors a lifetime experience. 

Biggest Esports Events

This year promises to have some of the biggest esports events, including the League of Legends World Championship, Fortnite Events, The International (Dota 2), Call of Duty Championship, and Counter-Strike 2 (CS2).