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4 of the Best Sporting Slots

October 13, 2023

With the rugby World Cup in full swing why not take a spin on some sports themed slots? We’ve narrowed down some of our favourites spanning a whole host of pastimes.  

Stars Lineup

Whether you’re part of the game as a player, referee or a fan, there’s a place for you within the Stars Lineup. And as you know, a football match needs all three of those to thrive, which is why combining those three symbols triggers the Free Spins! Not only that, but you could win it all by entering the Stars Jackpot Bonus Round for a championship trophy unlike any other! 

Football Frenzy

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game that is football – then let yourself get into an absolute “Football Frenzy”. You can win prizes for spinning-in loads of things that make football the world’s most loved game including a few pre-match beers, scarves, and whistles. There’s also Scattered Stadiums to find, and Wild Strikers which can help you score plenty of double-prizes. There’s even two ways to play this great game, in Striker Mode or Lucky Mode, and both guarantee at least 90-minutes of end-to-end action as you play for free games, prize multipliers, random progressive jackpots, and a Penalty Kick Bonus in which your prize will keeping increasing with every penalty you score. 

World Darts Championship

Experience all the action of the arrow in PDC World Darts Championship™, the latest branded slot game from Blueprint Gaming™. Trigger Free Spins where big cash prizes can be won at the throw of a dart.  

Buckle Up

Don your helmet, enter your racer and Buckle Up for the slot ride of your life! Whip it around the track and collect boosters that bring Multipliers, transforms losing symbols into winning ones, Stacked Wilds on the first reel and symbol upgrades. Complete a circuit and get a cash prize before unlocking the next circuit! 

So there you have it, four of our favourite sporting-themed slots. Whether you’re settling down in front of the TV for a sporting event this weekend or heading out to play a team sport with your mates. Why not make your downtime epic with some of these slots?