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Best Road Trips for Blackjack Players

October 13, 2021

Road trips have always been one of the ultimate expressions of freedom: just hitting the open road and pointing your wheels towards a place that’s been on your bucket list for years.

But where would you hit the road if you’re looking to play blackjack? What places would get your juices flowing more than anywhere else? That’s what this list is all about: the road trips that will have blackjack players talking about them for years to come.

All Roads Lead to Las Vegas

If there is one truly iconic road trip then it’s probably the scorching path that leads from L.A. to Sin City. Immortalised by Hunter S. Thompson among others in Vegas road trip movies like The Hangover and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the beauty of this road trip is that it only takes around four hours to complete.

Sights to look out for along the way include the beautiful desolation of the Nevada Desert as well as the spooky ghost town of Calico, which will have you feeling like you are a cast member in a Western movie.

One quick tip: embarking on this road trip midweek is far preferable to doing it on a Friday, when hordes of people flood out of California after work to hit the blackjack and roulette tables on the Las Vegas strip.

For an arguably even more dramatic road trip, adventurers can try the run from Phoenix to Vegas. The most scenic route to take in this case is along the I-17 N, which provides drivers and their passengers with red rock views of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Hippodrome to Monte Carlo

When it comes to seminal places for blackjack players to visit, the Hippodrome in London and the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco are right up there. So a road trip from one to the other? That’s something of a dream come true.

Setting off in London, it pays to spend a night in a hotel somewhere close to the Hippodrome and then set off super early in the morning to beat the traffic. Then a quick drive down to Dover to hop through the Channel Tunnel will have you out onto the open roads of France.

Once down on the French Riviera, there are plenty of incredible sights and routes to take in, including the Col de Turini, the Gorges du Verdon, and La Grande Corniche, all of which are within easy striking distance of Monaco and its famous casino.

Shanghai to Macau

The only place in China where casinos are permitted is in the formerly Portuguese enclave of Macau. It is here where, for truly adventurous souls, there is the road trip of a lifetime waiting: from the vibrant city of Shanghai all the way to this huge gaming hub that neighbours Hong Kong.

The drive is 1,523km (946 miles), but along the way you can visit historic places such as the beautiful Yellow Mountains and Hangzou.