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Age of Valhalla Slot Review

June 12, 2024

Thunder rumbles, and the horns of war sound! Age of Valhalla, a slot from The Stars Group, transports you to the legendary halls of Norse mythology. Prepare to spin alongside Odin, Thor, and fearsome Frost Giants in this thrilling adventure. While it treads familiar Viking-themed territory,  Age of Valhalla boasts exciting bonus features and cool visuals.


Age of Valhalla is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot that invites you to spin for glory at bets ranging from €0.10 to €50. The reels pulse with the imagery of Norse legends – gods, warriors, and the mystical hall of Valhalla itself. Wild symbols stand ready to aid you in forming potential winning combinations, and keep your eyes peeled for the mighty scatter symbols that hold the key to thrilling bonus rounds.

Though any major casino worth its salt will have plenty of Viking and Nordic slot games in its catalogue, it’s not every day that you find an excellent, high-RTP game that’s also enjoyable, thanks to a rich narrative such as Age of Valhalla.

It’s a personal favourite of many of our team members, and for good reason.

How to Play Age of Valhalla

The gameplay of Age of Valhalla is as straightforward as a Viking charge. Set your wager and spin the reels, seeking matching symbols along the fixed paylines. The game’s Wild symbols offer a helping hand, substituting for other symbols to complete winning combinations. Your true quest, however, lies in triggering the epic free spins bonus round – the heart of this slot’s action.

Just keep hitting those winning combinations, and you’re golden. While a few other games focus more on offering bigger wins that are far apart, a game like Age of Valhalla is actually preferable over the long run.


Age of Valhalla gives you a very immersive visual experience. The symbols are beautifully detailed, depicting the mighty gods and the stark beauty of the Norse world. In general, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Norse mythology and the old Viking Gods. The game does justice to all that while keeping the overall gameplay experience rich, exciting, and consistently fun.

Animations are dynamic, with clashes between Thor, Odin, and the Frost Giants injecting excitement into the reels. The soundtrack, pulsating with epic drums and horns, completes this journey into the world of actual legends.

Technical Details

Age of Valhalla is considered a medium volatility slot, offering a balance between the frequency and size of wins. The RTP (Return to Player) varies depending on the casino, but expect it in the 95-96% range. The maximum win potential isn’t explicitly stated.


Age of Valhalla stands as a thrilling addition to the pantheon of Viking-themed slots. The free spins bonus rounds, where you can side with Odin, Thor, or even a Frost Giant, make the gameplay so much better and offer unique ways to potentially rack up epic wins.

The immersive graphics and sound seal the deal, making this a journey to Asgard worth taking. While the theme may feel familiar to seasoned slot players, the electrifying bonus features and excellent, thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere deliver an experience that makes Age of Valhalla worth a spin alongside the gods!