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How Many of These Casino Superstitions Are You Guilty Of?  

October 27, 2022

October 27th marks National Black Cat Day to shine a light on the iconic animal – it’s often known as an omen of bad luck and used widely in the lead-up to Halloween. Whether you believe it or not, there are countless superstitions in everyday life. Have you ever crossed the road to avoid walking under a ladder? How about getting jittery on Friday 13th?  We’ve narrowed down 8 casino superstitions from around the world. How many of these are you guilty of? 


Many casino players believe that whistling while they’re playing will bring them bad luck during their game. Whilst this is slightly taboo at physical casinos, you can do this as much as you want at home without annoying anyone. This casino superstition originates from British Sailors who believed whistling would bring dangerous winds their way.  

Blowing on Dice 

This is one of the most common casino superstitions and can be seen everywhere from movies to photos taken at casinos. Blowing on the dice before rolling them was said to have ensured the dice were fair after some untrustworthy players would create trick dice. Have you been known to blow on dice before you roll

Rabbit Feet  

It’s not uncommon to have lucky charms, we all know someone with a lucky pair of underwear, don’t we? One of the strangest ‘lucky charms’ from the past is probably the rabbit’s foot. This stems from Celtic tribes, who believed rabbits spent so much time underground that they could communicate with gods and spirits.  

Itchy Hands 

Does having itchy hands mean you’re on to a winner? Some players believe that having an itchy right palm means they could win the jackpot, while on the other hand (literally) an itchy left palm means you’re likely to lose money.  

Using the front entrance

Many players believe that entering via the front entrance of a casino is asking for trouble, instead they tend to opt for a side route. This casino superstition stems from the entrance to the MGM Casino in Las Vegas, this used to be a lion’s mouth and players thought they were walking into the mouth of the beast.  


The colour red is associated with good luck with gamblers across the globe. Red is linked to prosperity not only on the gambling table but in everyday life. It’s not uncommon for people to also wear a red item of clothing when they’re visiting a casino.  

Do not count money on the table 

This casino superstition of counting money in plain sight of others is well-known amongst gamblers. Not only is it considered unlucky, but others also perceive it as rude and unprofessional.

Crossing your legs 

You might find it comfortable to sit with your legs crossed, but did you know it’s considered bad luck when gambling at a casino? Players believe that when their legs are crossed, it crosses away their winning streak. Luckily when playing online casino there’s no one to judge you, so do you find a leg cross hinders your streak?