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Explaining the Lucky Ladies Side Bet

October 18, 2021

Side bet options are one of the hallmarks of casino table games. This is especially true in the world of online casino games, as providers jockey to try and create a new feature that takes the online gaming world by storm.

One such Side Bet is found at Blackjack tables online and in live casinos. It’s called Lucky Ladies. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this popular Side Bet so that you know how to take advantage of the option the next time you’re at the online Blackjack tables.

Essentially, Lucky Ladies is all about holding a hand that adds up to 20. This means that if a player has selected the Lucky Ladies Side Bet prior to cards being dealt, they will receive a 4/1 return on their original Side Bet if their 20 is formed by an unsuited pair. However, if their pair is suited, the return changes to 10/1. In the event of a matched pair (same suit and rank), the return is 25/1.  

So why is it called Lucky Ladies? The simple reason is because if both of your hole cards are the queen of hearts, they bet will return a tasty 200/1. This will be the one time you’re hoping the dealer flips over blackjack – if they do, your pair of queens will return a huge 1,000/1.