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The World’s Most Expensive Casinos

September 21, 2023

Depending on how the cards fall, the world’s most expensive casino could be any casino in which a particularly unlucky high roller plies their trade.

But away from the tables, we can measure the cost of a casino in a couple of different ways.

The Most Expensive Casinos Ever Built

Casinos are big. They’re bold. They’re luxurious. They’re really expensive to build.

Resorts World Sentosa: $4.53B

Singapore boasts not one, but two of the most expensive casinos in the world. This, at a mere $4,530,000,000, is the cheaper of the pair!

Many casinos have stellar entertainment as standard, but Resorts World Sentosa might be the only one that has a Universal Studios Theme Park. The resort is made up of seven different hotels and has a gaming floor of 160,000 square feet (14,864sqm). Overall, the casino resort occupies 49 hectares (10,000sqm) of land.

Marina Bay Sands: $5.36B

If the Resorts World Sentosa isn’t quite big and expensive enough for you, then drive north-east for around ten minutes. There you’ll find Marina Bay Sands, the most expensive casino in Asia.

In addition to the gigantic gaming floor, here you’ll find more than 2,500 hotel rooms and 800,000 square feet (74,320sqm) of retail space featuring innumerable restaurants, bars, and luxury shops. One of the iconic landmarks of the city, the Marina Bay Sands is an unmissable experience.

CityCenter Las Vegas: $9B

Not only is the CityCenter Las Vegas by MGM Resorts the most expensive casino in Las Vegas, it is the most expensive non-government construction in the history of the United States. Not only does it feature over three dozen restaurants and several hotels, but also 2,400 permanent homes.

It’s not just a casino – it’s a town.

The Most Expensive Casino Hotels to Stay In

Many major casinos double up as hotels, and in order to attract rich clientele they tend to be pretty lavish hotels at that. Some of the most expensive sleeps you could imagine are available in the world’s mega casinos.

Chairman’s Suite – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

It makes sense that one of the most expensive casinos ever built would be one of the priciest hotels as well. The investors need to make that $5,360,000,000 back somehow!

One way in which they’re chipping away at the deficit is with the Chairman’s Suite, an opulent two-floor residence across the 53rd and 54th floors of the hotel. It will run you a cool $17,000 per night. For that money, you’ll get a 24-hour butler service throughout your four-bedroom suite; the accommodation also has two living rooms, a sauna, multiple Jacuzzis and even a karaoke room.

Diamond Suite – Hotel de Paris & Casino, Monte Carlo

Over in Europe, casino players who really want to splash the cash can head to Monte Carlo. At the Hotel de Paris, the splashiest of all suites is the Diamond Suite spread across the seventh and eighth floors.

Inspired by Monaco’s most famous princess, Grace Kelly, one night in this most regal of settings will cost you a trifling $48,000. Give or take. The highlight of this two-bedroom suite is undoubtedly the outdoor area, with an infinity pool and fantastic views of the French Riviera.

Empathy Suite – The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

At the time of writing, the Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is the most expensive hotel room at any casino in the world. The price per night? Somewhere in the region of $100,000.

Designed and decorated by Damien Hirst, this suite has several Hirst originals throughout the accommodation. Two bedrooms, an infinity pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, and a 13-seat bar are just some of the amenities your six-figure nightly rate will get you.

Well, we say “you”, but the suite is reserved exclusively for the casino’s most valued customers. Sorry.