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An Introduction to Live Power Blackjack

October 16, 2021

Live Power Blackjack takes all of the main dynamics of the regular game of Blackjack and then throws in some Texas Hold’em elements to shake up the game and create a delicious cocktail. This mixture is an altogether new experience for which players of either game will have to adjust their approaches and tactics.

The poker inspiration comes in the form of a player being able to raise their initial bet by up to two, three, or even four times after receiving their cards. Aside from this alteration, another interesting difference is that decks in Live Power Blackjack do not have 9s or 10s. This means that rather than there being the usual 416 cards in the four-deck shoe, there are only 352.

Aside from the main betting options, there are also four side bet options for players to consider. These are Hot3, 21+3, Any Pair, and BustIt. All this means that players must adjust their regular approach to Blackjack, so that the vagaries and probabilities of Live Power Blackjack are accounted for.