How to Play Live Spin a Win

Join your live host and choose where you think the wheel will stop, in this exciting interactive game show that’s always ready when you are!

Side bets such as Odd, Even and Multiplier give you even more chances to win with every spin. Head to the Live Casino lobby now to find out for yourself.

Live Spin a Win – Basic Rules

The wheel is divided up into 54 equal sections, marked 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, x2 or x7. Players place bet(s) on the section they believe the wheel will stop at – the winning section is indicated by a pointer at the top of the wheel when it stops its spin.

Winning bets on a numbered section are paid out according to the number, e.g. winning number 5 pays out 5 to 1 (6.00), winning number 10 pays out 10 to 1 (11.00), etc. If a x2 or x7 Multiplier is hit, the wheel is spun again until a winning number is confirmed. That number will be multiplied by x2 or x7, depending on which Multiplier was hit, to determine the payout amount.

Side Bets

Players may place side bets in addition to main wheel bets, or may choose to place side bets exclusively.

  • Odd: the result will be a 1 or 5
  • Even: the result will be 2, 10, 20 or 40
  • Multiplier: the result will be a Multiplier x2 or a Multiplier x7

Both Odd and Even side bets lose if the result is a Multiplier.

Payout Information

Section on WheelPayout
1 1:1 (Evens)
2 2:1
5 5:1
10 10:1
20 20:1
40 40:1


Bet TypePayout
Multiplier x2 Position payout x2
Multiplier x7 Position payout x7
Odd Side Bet x0.75
Even Side Bet x1.25
Multiplier Side Bet 25:1

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Live Spin a Win is 97.22%.

How to Start Playing Live Spin a Win

Open Casino on web or via the mobile app to browse Live Casino games, and find Live Spin a Win.

When prompted, you will be able to place all your chosen bets for the next spin. After you have placed your bets, the host will spin the wheel.