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Comparing Classic Slots with Video Slots

November 27, 2023

In online casinos, a wide variety of slot titles with different characteristics can be found. For example, two popular types, classic slots and video slots, actually have several differences when it comes to gameplay and features.

Classic slots are those that started it all and feed players’ desire for nostalgic gameplay. Players know these titles for their easily recognizable design and themes like fruit symbols and bells, lucky number 7s, and gold bars which are displayed across three reels and one pay line. When it comes to classic slots, players usually have a more niche number of betting choices and conservative payouts.


On the other hand, video slots are those that display a wider selection of themes, which pay special attention to graphics, sounds, and animation. These games are also commonly referred to as 3D slots because they are designed to give the player an immersive experience with enhanced digital visuals. Unlike classic slots, which contain three reels most of the time, video slots often have five or even more. Additionally, one popular theme often employed in video slots is music, as can be seen with the Motörhead Video Slot™, Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots™, and Guns N’ Roses Video Slots™ games.

Motörhead Video Slot™ features themed symbols like four-leafed clovers and horseshoes. Video slots  are often further personalized, including names of hit songs as symbols. This can be seen in the Motörhead Video Slot™ wild symbol, which is an Ace of Spades logo, named after the band’s most popular studio album.


Similarly in the Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots™, the famous rock singer is pictured as a jammin’ soundtrack plays in the background. These are just a few examples of how musicians and their records are commonly used in video slots. But slot titles do not just stop at musical themes.

They can be inspired by anything from animals to historical time periods, comic books, or pop culture icons. Players may recognize well-known television shows, movies or singers when engaging in video slots. As technology continues to advance, video slots are bound to become more sophisticated in nature, allowing them to adopt even more outlandish themes.

Another way that these two slot types differ is in terms of bonus features. It is common for video slots to contain more wilds, free spins, jackpots, or multipliers than classic slots. We can conclude by saying that both classic slots and video slots offer their players a distinct gameplay experience based on overall look and feel.