Poker Betting Rules

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a player must be dealt at least one hand for bets on that player to stand. In the event of a player not being dealt a hand then bets on that player will be declared void.

Pre-Event Betting will generally be available until the first hand has been dealt. In-Play betting may subsequently be offered. Tournament winner bets will be settled on the player who is declared the official winner of the tournament.

Prices on Pre-Event Poker Tournaments may at times be displayed with an incomplete field. Many major tournaments are long-term events with ongoing qualifying satellites, where winners and qualifiers will be added to the event, culminating in final numbers way in excess of our initial offering. In these instances, all final runners will count for betting purposes regardless of the number quoted at time of bet placement.

Bets are settled once a winner has been declared. Each way betting is available where specified.

In the event of a deal being done then the finishing positions will be determined by the actual finishing positions of the participants as listed in the official tournament reporting, irrespective of any deal made.

If a Tournament was abandoned or unable to complete for any reason, then Tournament winner bets will be declared void. Only bets where the result has already been determined will stand. For example if a tournament is abandoned with 9-players remaining then bets on ‘To Finish In The Top 9’ will stand, but bets on ‘To Finish In The Top 3’ will be declared void.

If a Tournament does not take place, then all bets for that event will be declared void unless the tournament takes place within 48-hours of the originally scheduled starting time.

Any player starting the Tournament but who later withdraws, or is disqualified before the ends, will be settled as a loser.

Any game manipulation and/or suspicious betting market activity which takes place, including but not limited to collusion during the tournament, may render bets on offending players to be deemed as losers.

Global Poker League

In the event of a named player not taking part in a head-to-head match, all bets on that match will be void.

In the event of any named player not taking part in a six-max event, all bets on that match will stand.