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The United Kingdom is set for a General Election in December for the first time in nearly 100 years after months of deadlock over Brexit.

The country will go to the polls on December 12, despite Labour trying to make it three days earlier, and the early General Election odds suggest the Conservatives will win the most seats, although it’s more uncertain whether they will win an overall majority.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the move after claiming Parliament “has outlived its usefulness” because of the impasse over the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The Conservatives currently have the most seats in the House of Commons with 298 – 54 more than Labour – but they did not command a working Government majority at the last election in 2017 which resulted in a ‘confidence and supply agreement’ with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Looking at the UK general election odds, the Tories are 1/16 to win the most seats on polling day, with Labour having drifted to 7/1.

The Liberal Democrats, whose main policy is to revoke Brexit should they win a majority in the House of Commons, are listed at 33/1 in the General Election betting.

A by-election win and several defections has seen their numbers rise from 12 to 19 seats and they are likely to appeal to those who voted remain in the 2016 referendum.

The main question seems to be whether the Conservatives will win enough seats to get the overall majority they need to deliver Brexit, which the Prime Minister claims he can do by January “at the absolute latest”.

However, as things stand a Conservative majority remains in the balance and another minority government is a distinct possibility.

The Tories are 6/10 to win by a majority in the UK General Election betting odds, with no overall majority available at 13/10, so it seems we are in for an exciting battle.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party are 25/1 for a majority in the General Election odds while the Liberal Democrats are the outsiders at 100/1 despite their leader Jo Swinson claiming they could win “hundreds of seats”.

It’s sure to be an exciting few weeks in politics and that will be reflected in the General Election betting odds which are expected to fluctuate on a daily basis.

BetStars also have a market on whether Boris Johnson can hold his Uxbridge constituency seat. The PM only has a majority of 5,000 but is 1/4 for victory and 13/5 for a humiliating defeat.

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