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Fan Tan: The Latest Live Casino Craze

November 1, 2021

The popular bead game of chance, Fan Tan, has Chinese origins and a rich, deep history. Although it has been played in both China and abroad for hundreds of years, the game has undergone a digital upgrade to hit Live Casino studios.

Fan Tan Live is directly based on the original game which sees the banker deal a pile of beads onto a table labeled with four different sections. Players make predictions on the number of beads that will remain in the final line – from a single bead up to four.

In this Live version, players can choose between simple bets like single number wagers, in addition to odd, even, big, or small. There’s also the option to place more advanced Fan Tan bets such as Kwok or Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) bets. Players will be able to easily see where these bets fall since they are clearly labeled on the table, outside of the numbered sections.

Another feature of Fan Tan Live is the betting statistics which are displayed for the current game round and over 500 previous rounds. Here, players can see the exact numbers that emerged during gameplay, such as the most commonly wagered on position and the total amount bet.